He will Sustain You

Psalm 55:22

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.

Sometimes what causes the most stress in our lives is the thought of being moved, shaken around, thrown off track. We think of how hard we are working to achieve our goals, to please God, and to make ourselves better, and we worry that maybe a mistake that we make, a lack in judgement, resources that we are missing, or maybe even someone’s hateful gossip is going to cause us to lose everything we’ve worked so hard for! Sometimes, unknowingly, we are subconsciously waiting for something to go wrong, and in many cases we sabotage ourselves by giving up, or not doing our best, since we are so afraid to fail. But God’s word, through Psalm 55:22 gives us two promises: the first is  that  He is faithful to sustain us. The second is that he will not allow us to be moved. For the next few minutes, I’d like to meditate on what each of those promises signify:

First of all, the word ‘sustain’, according to Webster’s has two definitions. The first, is “to provide what is needed for someone to continue.” When the word of God tells us that God will sustain us, it means that he is going to take on the responsibility of making  sure we have everything we need to go the distance. It means that when the road gets tough, and it feels like we can’t go on, He is going to provide whatever it is that we lack, to make sure we don’t give up! The second definition of the word ‘sustain’ is “to hold up the weight of something.” If you notice, the verse we are studying starts out with a reference to something heavy: our burdens (all of our worries, our fears, and our inadequacies) and it tells us to cast them on the Lord, because he will ‘sustain’ (hold up the weight). The takeaway is, we don’t have to be nervous about failing, because if anything is ever too heavy, He will hold up the weight for us. If we stop to reflect on the significance of this, and let it sink into our hearts, there’s truly nothing that should ever stress us or make us feel like we will not succeed. Neither stress, nor fear are necessary, because are burdens don’t have to be sustained by our own strength, but simply given over to God, who is more than able to sustain them.

The second promise in this verse is that we will “never permit the righteous to be moved.” That fear that we all  have of being displaced, misplaced, or knocked out of place, isn’t half as realistic as the enemy would like us to think, because God has given us His word that he will not allow anyone or anything to move us from where we are supposed to be. Through Jesus, we have been made righteous (2 Corinthians 5:21), and through our relationship with God we are given confidence that this word is ours to keep and to believe. We will not be knocked around, moven or shaken. The things that we work hard for, that God has allowed us to build, are ours to keep, if only we remember to cast our burdens on the Lord.


Vanessa GraciaComment