Free: A Devotional About Stress and Anxiety

  In our generation, it’s considered normal- almost mandatory-for any active, successful person to be stressed. So much so, that we’ve come to accept the headaches, the worry, even the strain that stress puts on relationships. However, the word of God promises us freedom through nearness with the giver of peace: Jesus.

  That's why I wrote, Free. It''s a collection of devotionals that I put together to help myself fight through feelings of anxiety. For some time, worrying was a part of my daily life. I was always waiting for something bad to happen. My chest hurt, my head would ache, and I was miserable all the time. I mostly accepted as a part of life, and figured it was just a personal problem. But the more I read the word, the more I realized that God actually takes worry very seriously. He cares! And he offers solutions in his word. 

 So I'm hoping that someone that reads this really needs to hear these words, as I once did: you can be free from the weight of stress. If you only learn how to let Jesus carry that burden. Through prayer and meditation on His word, I’ve been able to develop a mindset that conquers stress on a daily basis in my life. I’ve put together a few lessons for each type of worry I typically encounter and the passages and reflections that help me when they come up. If you end up reading this book,  pray they help you as much as they’ve helped me.


Vanessa GraciaComment